Michael Kors, Brunello Cucinelli and Luxottica: Retail data in earnings forecast model

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Accurate earnings forecast models, key to sound investment target price advices, are based on reliable cash flows projection and reasonable assumptions on the target company and the macroeconomic environment in which the industry is at. Key elements for luxury goods brands’ revenues are becoming lately the retail monobrand stores: Recent years monobrand stores have gained increasing importance on the share of revenues. While sales per square foot is a key driver, the sheer number of stores is a strong element to evaluate the development of a network and the attentions to management to invest capital on it.


At RE Analytics is data provider for retail data, collected on a daily basis, for more accurate and up-to-date EPS forecast models. We collaborate with several equity research teams


Case Study 1: Michael Kors

Michael Kors in the past five years performed an incredible expansion of its stores network globally.

Our data integrate, with anticipation on the financial statements of next April, how the situation is developing in the directly operated stores (Americas, Europe and Japan), and we provide the detailed view of the geographic coverage in Asia, where the brands distributes through licensing.


(here data anticipated in February 2016)

Michael Kors Store Retail Positioning

Michael Kors Store retail distribution


Case Study 2: Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli presents an even stronger dependency on monobrand stores for the global revenues: here the anticipation of the results that were released (April 2016).

Brunello Cucinelli Store Retail distribution

Cucinelli earning forecast stores number


Case Study 3: Luxottica

Luxottica, under the magnifying glass after latest performances, can be even more significant, since on of the main report of the industry (VisionMonday Top 50 Retailers http://www.visionmonday.com/CMSDocuments/2016/5/coverstory_VM051616_r1.pdf ), released the 2015 year end data at mid May 2016 (and most of the data were projections), while we could present the same, extremely significant figures, 5 months before.

Luxottica Retail distribution stores

Luxottica store trends us positioning competitor benchmark

Luxottica competitor benchmark US positioning

Luxottica comparison retail strategy US competitors

Luxottica US store distribution

Walmart Vision Center US Luxottica comparison

Vision Source US store retail strategy

National Vision retail strategy US


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